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Oh yeah, and the Blue Mountains were amazing too.

Chiu told me to look on couchsurfing for people going on day trips through Sydney so I don’t always have to be by myself. I told her I liked being by myself, but it was admittedly getting a bit old at this point, so maybe a few day trips with new people would be nice. There was one post for a guy heading to the Blue Mountains for a hike, and it was a day after I was planning my own, but I told him I could just switch around my dates, see the Blue Mountains second, and Kiama first, and then we could go together.


His name is Davi-da, and he is from Madrid. Oh my lord, if there ever was such a beautiful boy to go on a day trip to the mountains with! His pictures on couchsurfing were small, but you could tell he was handsome, but in person. I almost gasped when he sat next to me on the train. I told him flat out that he was the second most gorgeous man I had ever met in person. He was shocked and disappointed. “And who, might I ask,” he began with his Antonio Banderas accent, “Is the first?” Now, I had to give up my not so secret eye candy crush on Craig from Green Dragon Kung Fu. Now, after that, I also told him that he would not have to worry about me hitting on him because I simply cannot get involved with people better looking than I was, I just didn’t have the self esteem for it. Plus, like with all eye candy, he simply didn’t make that connection with me socially. He was simply too normal of a guy, with too normal of interests. I need a man with a little weird in him, what could I say? But still, I wouldn’t mind having him in my bed for a night... (but that’s a story for another day ^_^*)

First off we walked a short walk through town, turned down a group that wanted us to get on the Hop on Hop off bus tour, and found the 3 sisters!

PIC_3483.jpg PIC_3484.jpg PIC_3488.jpg PIC_3489.jpg

They were the first attraction at the main lookout from the city. There was an Aboriginal man there selling hand painted boomerangs, David bought one.


I wish I had, but I really didn’t have the money, so I just gave him some change for the didgeridoo music. Then we looked at the trails, and we decided to go on the medium length one, not the short one that only looked out over the edge of the mountains, and not the really long one that took you on a bush walk through the valleys, but the one in the middle that took you to the base of the mountains, got you into some bush, and then brought you back up.

PIC_3492.jpg PIC_3493.jpg PIC_3495.jpg PIC_3496.jpg PIC_3498.jpg PIC_3499.jpg

I was happy for all of the waterfalls on the way down the mountain because David didn’t hike too fast for me, but his pace was a little quicker than the meander I would have picked.

PIC_3522.jpg PIC_3501.jpg PIC_3505.jpg PIC_3507.jpg PIC_3510.jpg

It was a nice walk though, it kept my mouth shut because we were going at a good speed, but it also didn’t push me too hard to where your nose runs, your heart beats a little too hard, and you start to get the cold sweat. It was actually perfect his speed, and he even let me lead here and there, but for the most part I told him I was more accustomed to following (I know, sick right? But true), and I would feel more at ease knowing that he wasn’t behind me hoping for me to speed up or slow down, that was my job (low self esteem and all). Also, I added that I would be happy following him anywhere (hahahaha). He was amused at my outlandish hitting on him without actually hitting on him. He was good looking, and he knew it, and he knew I knew it, and the sexual tension between us was nil, nonexistent, void. What could I say, it was splendid!

PIC_3512.jpg PIC_3513.jpg
PIC_3514.jpg PIC_3515.jpg PIC_3516.jpg PIC_3517.jpg PIC_3521.jpg

Further into the forest he asked me “Do you hear that?” “Hear what?” <- My usual response. “Big ahhh,” now, he actually said this: “how you say...” do they really say that? His English was extremely rocky, so I would understand his Spanglish as best as I could, sometimes making him change his phrasing around, and giving him words here and there, but actually saying the phrase “how you say.” I thought people only said that when they were impersonating someone speaking English as a second language. Anyways, my heart swoons, “how you say... falling water?” So cute! I literally wanted to give him a great big hug and maybe pinch his cheeks! Okay, so I’m a little out of this being single game, give me a break, my ex is still saying we are together for Christ sake! Moving on, he thought we should take one trail at this fork, and I thought we should wait. “Wait until I can hear it.” I told him, and we paused. “No noise” I told him, and we waited, and I listened. He needed the break anyways, because like Joe, David had a bad back. While we waited I had him do the exercise Jessica (my older sister) gave to Joe at one point. She had him go up and down on one foot as many times as he could, and then the same on the other leg. One leg he could do it forever, the other he could only get to 10. The same thing happened to David. I told him that he needed to realign his hips, so I gave him some exercises to do while I listened for the waterfall.

After a few minutes I hear it, and had no idea where it was coming from, but I felt something telling me it was “that way.” “How do you make this decision?” he asked, knowing full well I have no hearing depth perception, and I told him “I just do.” So we went. And guess what...

I found it!

PIC_3523.jpg PIC_3526.jpg PIC_3527.jpg PIC_3528.jpg PIC_3529.jpg PIC_3535.jpg

Speaking of finding it, there should be a picture of the two of us here, but we took it with David’s camera, and I don’t have it! This will not do. I am emailing him now to tell him that I need proof that he put his arm around me. (hahahaha, I miss that kid) So that picture to come, hopefully in the next week or so. (I’m so excited!) It was really slippery by the way, and the family that took our picture all fell in the water when we took theirs, so David and I were very careful walking, and my boots were shit at this point, all warn out, so he actually caught me at one point. I told him that it would have been a turn on if I wasn’t so angry about it! (I’m a terrible damsel in distress.)

Now, what goes down, must go up. Here I did tell David he was going too fast for me. I stripped off my jacket, and my long sleeve shirt, and I was still getting that cold sweat. I am out of shape! China really got me in shape, but I did no hiking in Japan, so being a woman, once you don’t use it, you loose it. I would have to do something about that when I settle down in New Zealand. Totally going to go swimming again!

PIC_3536.jpg PIC_3538.jpg PIC_3540.jpg PIC_3544.jpg PIC_3545.jpg PIC_3547.jpg PIC_3548.jpg PIC_3549.jpg PIC_3552.jpg PIC_3554.jpg PIC_3558.jpg PIC_3562.jpg PIC_3577.jpg PIC_3576.jpg

On the way back we took a scenic rout around the town through their park system, and we found yet another waterfall:


Then, as all beautiful things have to move on and change, David bid me farewell as we got off at the Central train station, and parted in our separate directions. He asked me where I was going, and he said that he would be in New Zealand in 2 months. I told him that I would hopefully have a place by then, and if I did, that he needed to come sleep on my couch. He told me it was a date. What a tease! He kissed me on my cheeks and wished me well, I told him the same, and said that I would say more, but I was just speechless. He laughed and said, “I did not think this was possible of you.” We smiled, shook our heads, and agreed that we would see each other “luego!”

This evening, once again, I came home to an empty house. Wow, when I was told he may not see me again, so far, so true.

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